How to distinguish ideal customers from the segments that will waste your time.
Why you don't need a discussion guide for customer or product discovery research, and what to prepare in advance of your user interviews instead.
Why are today's best startups shunning metrics-led product strategies? What can we learn from the 'North Star'-obsessed product failures of the past…
Examples, Brainstorming Tips & Use Cases for Founders and Product Teams That Care About Solving Customer Problems.
This improv acting principle is the perfect mental model for making your product marketing more customer-centric.
Data-Driven Prioritization for Pre-Product/Market Fit Startups
What makes a good MVP; What to exclude from your V0.1; What you need to do before writing your first line of code.
Someone needs to say it — this book isn't just outdated, the advice was bad to begin with.
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